Communication Consulting & Training

Since 1996, the Communication Consulting Group has been facilitating successful corporate, government, organization, and small-business communication by creating, developing, and delivering innovative, high-quality communication services, consulting, training programs, and coaching in the private and public sectors for executives, managers, employees, and individual clients.


The Communication Consulting Group was formed by Thomas Hajduk, a former Professor of Corporate Communication & Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business in Washington, D.C. He was also the founding director of the Center for Business Communication and a professor at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business in Pittsburgh, PA.  He currently has a faculty appointment at Carnegie Mellon University's Engineering Technology Innovation and Management Program.   While working as a consultant and as a member of the faculty at Tier 1 universities, Dr. Hajduk has trained and taught over 4,000 executives, managers, government contractors, engineers, technicians, MBAs, and undergraduate business students, helping them to develop the strategic communication abilities required for effective management in a global economy.

All the consultants in the group specialize in communication and bring an array of expertise to bear on client communication issues, allowing CCG to develop and deliver training programs and customized coaching in influential and persuasive communication, interpersonal communication, change communication, executive presence, meeting communication, visual communication, written communication, critical thinking, argumentation, and business plan development.

Partial List of Communication Services & Programs

Influencing and persuading key decision makers

Programs enhance your ability to influence people in the workplace by helping you understand how persuasion functions, helping you incorporate four fundamental ingredients to build compelling arguments, and helping you think critically about the kinds of information decision makers need to make informed, intelligent decisions that green light your proposals, plans or projects.

Enhancing visual communication for decision-makers

Since up to 60% of the human population assimilates information visually, programs help you develop an ability to create and generate powerful visual aids that help the audience learn and assimilate information you want to share--as opposed to textual aids that help the presenter remember what to say.

Effective presentations and briefings for business, government, NGOs, agencies

You are never more visible in an organization than when you present. Programs develop your ability to deliver clear messages as well as your abilities as a messenger delivering the presentation or briefing.

Startup investor business plan presentations

This comprehensive service helps entrepreneurs plan content, prepare compelling visuals, present high-stakes business plans and address 24 standard questions angels and VCs ask every startup team. During the past 15 years, Dr. Hajduk's worked with over 100 startups--some of which pitched and secured over $100m in aggregate early-stage funding.

Effective meeting leadership communication

Programs facilitate meeting leader's ability to run more effective meetings, increase meeting productivity, and reduce wasted time.

Enhancing interpersonal communication

Programs facilitate ability to communicate more effectively in small group settings and one-to-one situations.

Enhancing written communication

Programs facilitate ability to communicate more effectively via  reports, plans, documents,  emails, memos and other written communication products. 

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